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Best remote car starters of 2017 – Find yours today! + [Bonus]

My name is Edwin Fields and I own a small automobile repair shop. I have been in this business for over 7 years. Therefore, I have enough experience to help readers of my blog choose the best replacement parts.

Many car owners are looking for a good remote car starter, so I had made the list of the best remote car starters of 2017 and a short buying guide. You can check my TOP 3 rating below.

Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.




№1 – Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System

Easy and fast installation;
Cold weather timer is great for areas with long winters;
Works on long distance (about 1500 feet);
Provides the best security money can buy.

Why did this remote car starter win the first place?

Because this is a great remote car starter, which suits all possible needs.


№2 – Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

Can be installed on almost any car;
Panic mode with sound and light alarm can help you to find your car on the parking lot;
Allows to keep vehicle running even after removing the key;
Remote transmitters are compact and convenient.

Why did this remote car starter come in second place?

Because it works great, but instructions are terrible when compared to easy and simple installation of Viper 4105V. It is way too hard to install for beginners.


№3 – KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Control Car

Undistinguishable from original OEM remote transmitters;
Fast to program;
Offers full functionality of original remotes.

Why did this remote car starter take third place?

Because these remote transmitters are great and cheap, but their range of operation is not very impressive – it is six time shorter (only 250 feet) than working distance of Viper 4105V.





Attention! Don’t buy any remote car starters until you read the FAQ!



What are remote car starters?

Remote car starter is a radio controlled tool that can be installed in a vehicle in order to let the owner start engine remotely.

What types of remote car starters are there?

There are six types of remote car starters:

  1. “Add-on” remote start systems (the cheapest, but has the shortest range of operation);
  2. 1-Button remote start systems (offer greater range, but is not compatible with all vehicles);
  3. Remote start systems with keyless entry (have even greater range and can fully replace OEM remotes);
  4. 2-Way remote start systems (offer info about the status of the vehicle, but are not cheap);
  5. Remote start systems with car alarm (combine functions of remote start, security and keyless entry in one tool);
  6. Smartphone remote start systems (can do all that 2-way systems do and also provide info about vehicle location, but in order to use them you have to get a specific service plan).

Can remote car starters cause problems?

No. On the opposite, lots of experienced mechanics agree that letting the vehicle to warm up for some time before running prolongs the motor life span.

Do automatic car starters void warranty?

No, automatic car starters do not affect the warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act signed in 1975 officially states it.

What do I need to install a remote car starter?

If you want to install it yourself, you are going to need:

  • Remote car starter system itself;
  • Lamp, wire stripper and crimping tool;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Valet key;
  • Instruction manual for your starter system.

How to reset/reprogram remote car starter?

It is very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle with its starter and ignition key. Do not close the driver’s door;
  2. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” position;
  3. Hold the “Valet” button on the remote for a few seconds until the horn beeps;
  4. Hold the “Valet” button again, but this time press the starter button on the remote;
  5. Wait for another sounds signal and release the “Valet” button.

What is the best remote car starter for manual transmission?

Viper 4105V is compatible with vehicles with manual transmission and it is one of the best car starters I have ever worked with, so I would recommend it.

Can I use a remote car starter without power locks?

Of course you can, but you will need to buy a bypass module to make remote start work.

Is there a good remote car starter that can be controlled by cell phone?

I have used this remote starter and never had problems with it:

Niche Leader
Allows tracking your vehicle around the whole country;
Compatible with more than 90% vehicles;
You are getting security alerts right to your phone;
Works on both Android and iOS devices.

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What are the best brands of remote car starters?

The most popular and trustworthy brands of remote car starters are Viper, Avital, Clifford, Python and EASYGUARD.

What is a remote car starter bypass?

Bypass module is the main part of modern remote start systems. Simply speaking, it makes the vehicle’s computer think that the key is in the ignition. When you use a remote transmitter, the bypass module sends signal to the car that the key is valid and lets the engine start.

Are remote car starters good?

Sure they are. Remote car starters are convenient and secure and they cannot do anything bad to your vehicle.

Do remote car starters have batteries?

Yes, remote transmitters use various types of batteries depending on brand. CR2025 is the most common type.

Are remote car starters bad for your engine?

No, they are absolutely safe. Starting your vehicle with a remote starter is mechanically the same as starting it with the key.

Can I use a remote car starter without keyless entry?

Of course. There are cheap remote car starters compatible with cars without keyless entry. You will not need the keys to start the engine, however, they are required to drive when you enter the vehicle.

How long does it take to install remote car starter?

The time depends on the mechanic’s skill, but usually remote car starter installation takes about half a day.

How long will the engine run after I start it with remote car starter?

The running time is adjustable. Usually it is programmed to 15 or 20 minutes.

Who installs automatic car starter?

Any qualified auto mechanic is able to do it.

Do automatic car starters waste gas?

Well, obviously your vehicle consumes gas when its engine is running, so yeah, you waste gas using automatic car starter (the longer the idle time – the more gas you will waste).

What is the best remote car starter and alarm?

This set has never let me down:

Niche Leader
Works with the most modern vehicles;
Has many interesting functions, including automatic windows closing, alarm mute and auto-lock;
Impressive range;
Clear and detailed manual guide.

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What frequency do remote car starters use?

Most common frequency of the vast majority transmitters for remote car starters is 315MHz.

Do remote car starters work through walls?

Some do. You need a powerful enough transmitter, which is able to penetrate concrete.

How far away do remote car starters work?

The most powerful remote car starters are able operate on the range up to 1500 feet (such as Viper 4105V).

Why is my remote car starter not working?

There are too many possible reasons. It is better to contact the dealer who installed your remote car starter or find a good vehicle repair center.

What is the best car battery replacement that can be used with remote car starter?

I like this compact jump starter, which can help you to start your vehicle if the starting battery is discharged:

Niche Leader
Power bank has two USB-ports, that allow you to recharge gadgets;
Built-in LED lights with alarm mode and compass can be useful;
Provides all types of protection for maximum safety;
Comes with a convenient case.

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Can I install remote car starter myself?

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that this procedure takes a lot of time, especially if you have never done it before.

Who invented remote car starter?

Tony Nespor received the patent for remote car starter in 1983.

What remote car starters are better: one way vs two way?

One way remote car starters are simple and cheap. They allow you to start the engine remotely – and that is all.
Two way devices do the same job, but they also provide you with information about whether or not your vehicle has performed the desire request. In other words, not only the remote control communicates with your car, but your car communicates back to it.

How to disable remote car starter?

Get inside your vehicle, turn the engine off and pull the key out of the ignition. Now, remove the dashboard panels around the ignition and find the toggle switch on the module under the steering column (it usually has four wires). Flip the toggle switch to turn it off.

Why should I get a remote car starter?

Remote car starters are great for regions with harsh weather, since they allow you to preheat (or cool) your vehicle without having to go out from the comfort of your house. It saves your time, since you can do other things while your car is getting warm. Some remote car starters also provide useful additional features, such as sound alarms or light flashes that help to find the vehicle.



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Final Word

Remote car starter is a very convenient thing that can be installed to nearly all vehicles. Once you start using it, it will be very hard to give it up since it provides tons of useful features. Condition and age of your car does not really mater – it is most likely that you can buy a bypass module and make remote starter work. There are many different products on the market, and I have chosen the best of them. If you are not sure, what remote car starter should you buy – just follow my advice and buy one of those I mentioned in my rating list. Good luck!

So, TOP3 of remote car starters:

Car starter that controlled by cell phone:

Remote car starter and alarm:

Car battery replacement:

  • Suaoki U10 800A Peak 20000mAh Jump Starter



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