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Best leather cleaner of 2017 for sofas, shoes & car seats

My name is Jamie Franklin, and I am very glad to welcome you on my page! I provide car washes and furniture restorers with leather cleaners, so I know a lot about them. Read this short guide, if you want to learn more about various cleaners and detergents.

Looking for good cleaning chemicals? My TOP 3 list of the best leather cleaners of 2017 will help you to choose the best product.

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№1 – Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

Includes conditioner (it makes leather smell very good);
Wipes away easily;
Absolutely safe for your health;
The cleaner leaves no stains and no smell.

Why did this leather cleaner win the first place?

Because of its versatility (it is safe to use on any leather), immediate effect and absence of any smells. Undoubtedly, one of the best products on the market!


№2 – Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Time-tested product – manufacturer sells this formula since 1968!
Suits for all types of leather;
This company DOES care about customers. I received a leaked bottle through Amazon once – and they made a full refund without any additional questions!
It makes leather feel more dense and hydrated. Works especially great on leather clothing!

Why did this leather cleaner come in second place?

Because this is a good leather conditioner, but the set does not include cleaner. Unlike with the Chemical Guys offer, you will need to buy it separately.


№3 – TriNova Leather Cleaner

This formula is very powerful, yet it does not damage leather;
The process of cleaning is very easy – just spray it on leather and wipe with included towel;
This is the cheapest product in this rating list;
I often use it on my leather cough – It absolutely destroys grease!

Why did this leather cleaner take third place?

Because of its bad smell. It leaves an unpleasant odor – and it is much more distinguishable as compared with other products from this rating list. It disappears after some time, so it is not a big deal considering its low price.





Attention! Don’t buy any leather cleaners until you read the FAQ!



What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner for purses?

Any product from my rating list would cope with this task perfectly! I personally used Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner to clean my purse.

Which is the best upholstery cleaner for car seats?

I strongly recommend you products from Meguiar’s. They are made from 100% natural ingredients (which is very important for health if you spend a lot of time in your car) and work great on any surfaces.

What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner for boots?

With proper care your pair of leather boots can last many years, so it is important to choose the right cleaner. If you are looking for the best product – Saphir Reno’Mat Cleaner is your choice. It is a pricey, but it does worth it. I would not recommend it for any other occasions, since it is toxic, but as for cleaning boots – it is great!

What are the ingredients of a leather cleaner?

I do not have information about professional-grade leather cleaners, though I know how to clean leather with homemade formulas. Use half a cup olive oil and 75 of White Vinegar. Mix it and apply on leather by towels.

Is there a leather cleaner without shine?

Yes, there is. If you hate, how shiny and slippery surfaces look after some leather cleaners – use more expensive products that leave a satiny feeling.

Which is the best leather cleaner for sofas?

Here is a yet another good option from TriNova:

Niche Leader
Combines cleaner and conditioner in one bottle;
The effect stays for a long time;
Safe for humans and pets;
My white sofa looked absolutely refreshed after I applied this!

Check Price!


What’s the best leather jacket cleaner?

A leather jacket is an important and expensive investment in your wardrobe. It requires proper care – so you have to use a non-aggressive cleaner, that will not damage it. Leather Honey formula is a good choice!

What is the best leather cleaner for saddles?

Leather Tack Conditioner from Leather Honey is your best choice. Your saddle will look fantastic!

What is the best leather cleaner for coach bags?

Choose any non-aggressive product. For example, “Soft Cleaner” from “Leather Master” – it will make your coach bag soft and yet will not remove colors or damage it.

What is the best leather cleaner to remove jean stains?

The best way to remove jean stains from leather furniture I know is to use soft brush and mild leather cleaner like Leather Cleaner and Conditioner from Chemical Guys.

What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner for shoes?

There are lots of cleaners and conditioners from Leather Honey, that will provide perfect care for your shoes. Here is one of the best of them:

Niche Leader
Great pricing – you are getting 32 ounces of cleaner for half the usual price!
Does not include toxic ingredients;
Makes shoes look incredible – I managed to restore a very old pair that was lost in the basement;
It is almost odorless.

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Can leather cleaner be used on suede?

Yes, but it should not be very powerful. Use mild or soft leather cleaners.

Can leather cleaner be used on vinyl?

Of course! Leather cleaners are perfectly safe on vinyl – I tested it myself.

What to choose: Zymol leather cleaner vs Lexol?

Both of these products are good. I recommend Lexol, because it is cheaper and you will not see much difference if you would buy Zymol instead.

What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner for handbags?

Cleaners and conditioners for handbags have to be non-toxic, do not leave any smells and do not remove color. This one meets all criteria:

Niche Leader
Comes with a convenient application pad;
This product uses chemical-free formula with vital oils;
Completely dries out after a couple of minutes;
Has long shelf life.

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How to clean leather after a fire?

Clean it just as you would do normally.

What is the difference between leather cleaner and conditioner?

The main difference between leather cleaner and conditioner is in their functions. Obviously, cleaner is made for cleaning things – it does that by absorbing natural oils from the surface, while conditioner is used to replace these oils and make leather softer and more flexible.

What is better: leather polish vs cream?

Leather polish provides extra shine, but it clogs the pores of it and reduces material’s lifespan when compared to cream. Leather cream penetrates deep in the leather, making it softer and prettier.

How to care about leather gloves?

First of all – always dry your leather gloves before going to club. Allow the gloves to dry naturally and do not use any external heat source such as a radiator, hair dryer or the sun. This plan is genius!

What types of leather cleaners are there?

There are products for polishing, creaming, conditioning and cleaning. Cleaners are used to remove dirt, creams prevent staining, discoloration and keep the leather smooth, while polishes offer a mild layer of protection and are used to make leather look better.

What’s the best interior cleaner for car seats?

This is the most efficient car interior cleaner for seats:

Niche Leader
Completely absorbs grease;
Protects material from ultraviolet rays;
Has a good sprayer;
Since I started using it, my car’s interior looks awesome!

Check Price!


Can you use leather cleaner on leatherette?

Why not? I use them every time I need to clean my old sofa. But keep in mind, that strong cleaners can be bad for delicate things – look for mild or soft products.

Can you use leather cleaner on uggs?

Yes, you can. Uggs are usually made from suede, that can be cleaned by mild leather cleaner. Use a special brush more often – then you will not need us at all.

Can I use leather cleaner on nubuck?

Yes, but not always. Your cleaner should not be too aggressive – there is a chance to damage nubuck with a very powerful formula.

Can you use leather cleaner on plastic?

Yes, leather cleaner cannot harm plastic surfaces, so it is safe to use it. Sometimes I clean my office chair with it – it has plastic armrests, and they are perfectly fine.

Can you use leather cleaner on dash?

Sure. I would not waste leather cleaner on cleaning dashboard – it is better to wash it with water, but you can do it if you want. Dashboards are made from hard plastic, so they will not be damaged.

Can you use leather cleaner on microfiber?

Yes, you can – but carefully choose it. Cleaner should not be too powerful, or microfiber surface may lose its colors.

How to use leather cleaner?

Spray or wipe the cleaner on the leather. Use a sponge or a piece of cloth (preferably microfiber) and carefully wipe it off. Try to go with the grain of the leather while doing it. Wait until the treated surface gets completely dry, and then apply leather moisturizer or conditioner. The leather will absorb it for at least three hours (if you can wait longer – do it, since it is better to give it 8-9 hours). Wipe off excess moisturizer or conditioner at the end of procedure.



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Final Word

There are tons of various cleaning products for leather, and it is hard to find the best of them. You need to choose cleaners and conditioners depending on the type of your problem. What exactly do you want to clean? Furniture? Car seats? Boots? Are you looking for a versatile product? This article answered most of your possible questions and, I hope, significantly reduced the time you would need to look all of these up yourself. Buy one of the cleaners from my rating list, if you need a quality and versatile option – they will fit in any situation. Thanks for your time!

So, TOP3 of leather cleaners:

Interior cleaner for sofas:

Leather cleaner and conditioner for shoes:

Leather cleaner and conditioner for handbags:

Best car upholstery cleaner:



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