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Best streak free glass cleaners of 2017 – effective tools for windows.

Hello! My name is Jamie Franklin, and I am a chemical supplier. This time I am going to tell you about the best glass cleaners of 2017 and help beginners to properly choose and use them.

I tried to make this short guide helpful to everyone: whether you are buying cleaner for your car, for specific and expensive glassed antiques or just to help yourself clean windows in your house.

Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.




№1 – Glass Plus – Cleaner Trigger

It does not smell;
Can be used for all types of glass (including colored, silicate and lead glass);
It is easy to wipe;
You can also use it to clean granite and stainless steel.

Why did this glass cleaner win the first place?

Because this is in fact an all purpose cleaner that shows incredible results with glass. It is versatile, non-toxic and cheap.


№2 – SprayWay 050-12PK Glass Cleaner

You can use it with any type of glass;
It does not leave film;
It smells a little, but the odor is very pleasant;
Does not contain ammonia.

Why did this glass cleaner come in second place?

Because it is great for cleaning car windows, but not so convenient for home because of bad sprayer.


№3 – Rain-X 5071268 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner

It not only cleans your windows, but also works as a rain repellent;
Dries off pretty quickly;
It is very useful for wintertime – ice and snow does not stick to glass;
Great product for shower door.

Why did this glass cleaner take third place?

Because it is a cleaner for cars only – its repellent film would spoil the looks of most of the other surfaces.





Attention! Don’t buy any glass cleaners until you read the FAQ!



Can drinking glass cleaner kill you?

In fact, you can kill yourself from drinking pretty much everything, even water, if you drink the right amount of it. Therefore, yes – drinking glass cleaner can kill you, but I suppose you would have to drink a lot of it in order to die.

Do I need to use an eyeglass cleaner?

A friend of mine has been wearing glasses for 15 years, and she never used it. Expensive eyeglasses are usually very sturdy, so I do not see the problem in cleaning it with filmless glass cleaner.

What is eyeglass cleaner made of?

It depends on the manufacturer, but in general cleaners consist of water and alcohol.

Can glass cleaner kill ants/spiders/wasps/cockroaches/stink bugs?

Yes. Many of the glass cleaners have vinegar as their main ingredient, and vinegar is a deadly poison for ants and lots of other insects. Gardeners often use this feature of glass cleaners.

What is the best glass cleaner for pellet stove?

I use this product to clean my own pellet stove:

Niche Leader
It perfectly removes all types of burned-on foods;
Can be used on many surfaces (tempered glass, thick glass, stainless steel, etc.);
It has no odor;
Apply it to your pellet stove, wait for 10 minutes and wipe it off with a sponge – that is all you need to do!

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Can window cleaner be used on laptop screen?

I would not recommend you to use regular glass cleaners for laptop screens. They might be OK to use on gloss screens, but they can damage the matte non reflective type surface.

Can glass cleaner be used on stainless steel?

Yes. You should try the number one product from my rating list – Glass Plus. It is an all-purpose cleaner, which can be used to clean stainless steel.

Can glass cleaner be used on car paint?

Not always. Ammonia-based glass cleaners may spoil tinted windows.

How to remove glass cleaner from carpet?

It is ironic, but the best way to remove window cleaner from carpet is to buy carpet cleaner. By the way, you can actually use colorless glass cleaners to clean carpets.

Why does window cleaner leaves streaks?

You must be doing something wrong. Try to apply lesser amount of glass cleaner and do not use paper towels.

What glass cleaner should I use for bong?

Any non-toxic window cleaner would be suitable.

Is there a glass cleaner that cleans without streaks?

Yes. There are many streaks-free cleaners – for example, Glass Plus from my rating list.

What is the best glass cleaner for mirrors?

This cleaner works great with mirrors:

Niche Leader
It comes with a nice adjustable sprayer;
It is ammonia-free;
This set includes two packs for lesser price;
I used it to clean mirror in my bathroom and it worked like a charm.

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What glass cleaner is good for log burner?

Any powerful formula would do the job. I recommend you any product from my rating list.

Are there non-standard uses for glass cleaner?

As I already mentioned, you can use it to kill ants. Windows cleaner can also be used to treat bee sting, remove stuck rings from swollen fingers and as toilet and stove cleaner.

What are the ingredients of glass cleaner?

Most of the glass cleaners consist of water, 2-Hexoxyethanol, vinegar, isopropanolamine, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate and some oxyds.

What is the best glass cleaner for hard water spots?

Vinegar does the best job at removing hard water stains. I suggest you to look for glass cleaners with high vinegar content.

What is the best windows cleaner for shower doors?

My favorite product for cleaning shower doors is Rain-X 2-in-1 windows cleaner from my rating list. It leaves a film, which helps to keep shower doors clean.

Can Sprayway glass cleaner be used on granite?

Yes. This is not guaranteed by manufacturer, though – they recommend using their “Sprayway Granite Cleaner” formula.

Invisible glass cleaner by Stoner – is it good?

Yes, it is a nice glass gleaner. You can buy it here:

Niche Leader
It does not leave film;
Can be used for cleaning glass at home, in the office or in your car;
It is safe to use on tinted windows;
Easy to wash.

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Which is the best glass cleaner for cars?

Rain-X 2-in-1 window cleaner and rain repellent. Using it is an effective and easy way to keep your car windows clear in any weather.

Can glass cleaner be used on a flat screen TV?

No! It may damage your TV screen. Wipe it using a simple soft cloth or use special cleaners (like Monster ScreenClean).

What windows cleaner to use on tinted windows?

You need to use a special tint safe cleaner, such as Glassworkz by Chemical Guys. You can also make your own tint-safe cleaner by mixing baby soap, distilled water and rubbing alcohol – it will take some time, but the result worth it.

Can I use isopropyl alcohol as glass cleaner?

Yes. Dilute it with water and use on any glass surfaces, if you do not mind its terrible smell.

Can glass cleaner be used on plexiglass?

Yes. Basically any window cleaner should work fine with plexiglass.

Why is there ammonia in glass cleaner?

Ammonia is used in window cleaners due to its cleaning abilities. It is effective, streak-free and cheap. Yes, ammonia is toxic for humans, but it is not dangerous if you follow the safety rules.

Glass cleaner with ammonia vs without – what is the difference?

Ammonia windows cleaners are strongly alkaline and they may damage tinted glass. Use mild cleaners without ammonia to prevent that.

Is there a glass cleaner that does not require wiping?

You cannot get rid of wiping completely. After all, you would have to somehow remove the glass cleaner at the end of the cleaning. Powerful glass cleaners may reduce the elbow grease – such as Glass Plus.

What is in Windex glass cleaner?

Its composition is rather standard. You can find more details on the page of the product:

Niche Leader
It has a very convenient sprayer;
Works on all types of glass and other surfaces;
It is clean-smelling and non-streaking;
One bottle lasts for long.

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What is the best glass cleaner for inside car windows?

You need a streak free cleaner – so any quality product should work. Keep in mind, that it is better not to use car cleaners with rain repellents for the inside of windows, because it leaves a film on the glass.

What is the best windows cleaner for soap scum?

Soap scum is not very easy to clean, so you a powerful cleaner. Glass Plus or Sprayway are god options.

Can glass cleaner get you high?

Yes, since the most glass cleaners have alcohol and some of them also have narcotic chemicals. However, in order to get high you would need to spend a lot of time sniffing opened bottle of cleaner and it may lead to lung damage and respiratory failure.

How to use glass cleaner?

If you are cleaning windows, at first you should place rags or towels on the window sills. Spray cleaner on the glass and rub it with microfiber or other cleaning cloth. Keep rubbing until you remove all the spots. That is all.

Can I mix glass cleaner and bleach?

No, it is very dangerous! Many windows cleaners contain ammonia, rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Bleach and ammonia form a chemical reaction producing toxic gas called chloramine. It leads to shortness of breath and chest pain. By mixing bleach with rubbing alcohol you are producing chloroform – another toxic gas. And, finally, reaction of bleach and vinegar produces chlorine gas, which may lead to coughing, breathing problems, and burning eyes.

Is there a good glass cleaner for fish tanks?

There are special cleaners for aquariums, but you have to choose them according to fishes you keep. Never use regular glass cleaners – you can harm your pets even by using a natural formula!



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Final Word

Cleaning glass surfaces may be very irritating, especially if it is very dirty and requires lots of hard work. Buying a windows cleaner is your way out! A quality product might delicately help you to clean any types of glass surfaces without damaging it. Forget about scrubbing – cleaners facilitate all the work, so using them may save you huge amounts of time.

If you have never used a window cleaner before and want to buy a really good one – choose any product from my rating list. You will not be disappointed!

So, TOP3 of glass cleaners:

Glass cleaner for pellet stove:

Cleaner for mirrors:

Invisible glass cleaner:



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