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3 Best fountain pens of 2017 under $50! [Luxury pens for writing]

My name is Leah Alvarez and I welcome you on my blog! I have been working as an artist and interior designer for five years. After all these time I have learned to choose the best art tools on the market and I am willing to help you with it!

On this page you will find the list of the best fountain pens of 2017 and some tips and tricks in form of Q&A. Let us begin!

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№1 – Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Moves smooth as butter;
I like the line thickness – it just feels right;
The housing is made from high-quality plastic;
It is very light – one of the lightest fountain pens I have ever used.

Why did this fountain pen win the first place?

Because this is a great professional grade fountain pen.


№2 – Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

It comes with a nice plastic case and converter;
The pen looks stylish and feels good in hand;
It has a fine nib, which is my favorite for making sketches and writing;
It is packed in a beautiful box, so it should be great as a gift.

Why did this fountain pen come in second place?

Because it looks nice and includes a case, but there is only one cartridge in set.


№3 – Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen

This is the cheapest fountain pen in this rating list;
Writes well and smooth;
The housing looks good considering the price;
A great purchase for a beginner!

Why did this fountain pen take third place?

Because it is inexpensive and comfortable, but included ink cartridge is terrible – I recommend you to replace it right away.





Attention! Don’t buy any fountain pens until you read the FAQ!



Can fountain pen ink expire?

Yes, it does not have infinite shelf life. If you keep it in unused for a long time, it will oxidize and clog up your fountain pen because of lack of moisture. Do not let the ink to collect dust if you want to prolong its life span.

Can you take fountain pens on planes?

Yes, it is allowed. However, fountain pens may leak on board because of the pressure changes, so you have to prepare them for the flight. They have to be full (or nearly full) and packed in plastic bags just in case.

Are fountain pens allowed in exams?

Yes, fountain pens are usually fine. Most teachers and examiners do not care about the type of the pen. Keep in mind that generally the ink has to be black.

Do fountain pens bleed through paper?

Fountain pens may bleed through paper if your nib is too sharp or you are using too much ink. To reduce bleeding, switch to drier ink and less absorbent paper.

How to store fountain pen?

Actually, there are no rules. You can use any box or case – I prefer leather pouches.

How do fountain pen feeds work?

Fountain pen feed works just like a little pipe with small ink channels running at the bottom of it and a bigger air channel above them. When ink runs down those channels, air enters the pen and takes its place the reservoir. That is how the ink gets out.

What are the benefits of writing with fountain pen?

Fountain pens are great for both writing and drawing. They are very convenient thanks to small nibs that help to reduce friction. It makes writing cursive very easy! Moreover, fountain pens are super durable and can be repaired if needed.

Is there a good fountain pen with a case for it?

Here is a great set:

Niche Leader
The case is made from high-quality bamboo wood;
The pen itself is gorgeous – the combination of natural bamboo with golden and black colors is suitable for any workspace;
Can be used with both the cartridges and the bottled ink;
Writes smoothly without skipping.

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Why fountain pens are expensive?

Fountain pens are made from expensive materials and their production costs are much higher when compared to gel and ball pens.

Fountain pen vs pencil – what is better?

It really depends on the situation. I prefer to use both: mechanical pencils for drawing and pens for writing work.

What fountain pen should I choose: medium vs fine nib?

The tip size of a nib defines the width of a line it makes. Obviously, line of a fine nib is thicker. It resembles gel and ball pen writing. If your handwriting is small, I recommend you to use a fine or extra fine nib, otherwise buy a medium or broad nib.

What fountain pens are good for beginners?

If you have never ever used a pen before and just want to try how it feels like – get a cheap product under 10 dollars. JinHao 250 from my rating list is a good option – it is made from stainless steel and fits the price limit.

What parts of fountain pen are there?

A standard fountain pen consists of:

  1. Cap;
  2. Barrel;
  3. Nib;
  4. Feed;
  5. Section;
  6. Converter.

What is the difference between fountain pen and calligraphy pen?

Actually, fountain pen and calligraphy pen are the same thing with various names. Calligraphy pen uses a nib for calligraphy – otherwise there are no differences.

Can fountain pen be used for drawing?

Of course. I like to make sketches with a pen – my hand does not get tired and I can draw for hours straight.

Can fountain pens be used for calligraphy?

Yes. I think that fountain pens are the best tools for calligraphy that you can imagine.

Are fountain pens still used?

Sure. Fountain pens are popular among people in art and all of those who admires their mechanical beauty and uses them on the daily basis.

Do I need a left handed fountain pen?

It is not necessary. Some left-handed people prefer to use regular fountain pens. However, there are models with nibs designed specifically for left-handed users – you can try it out, but I think that it is better to get used to normal models since they are easier to find.

What is the best case for fountain pen?

I really like this one:

Niche Leader
It is inexpensive;
Made from light EVA material;
Fits most of the standard sized fountain pens;
You can easily store about six pens in it.

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Do fountain pens write better?

Yes. Once you get used to a fountain pen you will not want to switch back to gel or ballpoint pens.

How long do fountain pen nibs last?

I have seen lots of vintage pens from 1900s that have been carefully used and there was nothing wrong with them. Therefore, I guess, pen nibs can last a lifetime.

How to hold fountain pens?

Do it as you wish. I hold my fountain pens just as regular pens.

Are fountain pens good for note taking?

Yes. I have a friend who goes to college and she uses fountain pens to take notes during lections. She never had any problems with them!

Can fountain pen cartridges be refilled?

Of course. You can save some money and refill plastic ink cartridges with bottled ink using a syringe or an eyedropper.

How fountain pen was invented?

Some historians claim that the first fountain pen was invented by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance. The first official patent for the invention of pen was received by Petrache Poenaru in 1827.

Are fountain pens good for drawing?

As I have already told, I use fountain pens to make sketches. I prefer fine nibs – it lets me draw any kinds of lines (from very thin to a very broad) in single strokes. Sometimes I get pretty impressive results!

How to clean fountain pen nib?

Disassemble your pen and rinse the nib with water. Do not use hot water – it may damage some parts! After the rinsing, prepare a cup of clean water and let the nib section soak for an hour or so. Finally, let it dry for a day and reassemble the pen.

Do fountain pens need ink?

Many of the modern fountain pens can be used both with cartridges and ink. I myself prefer to use this ink:

Niche Leader
It is equally good for calligraphy, quick writing and drawing;
Dries quickly;
The ink has rich black color, which looks beautiful;
Fair price tag.

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Are fountain pens good for school?

I would not recommend buying fountain pens for primary school students, but they are great for middle and high school students.

Are fountain pens hard to write with?

Not at all. You will get used to fountain pen after a few hours of writing.

What is fountain pen converter?

This is a tool with an ink reservoir that lets you to use any bottled ink with some pens. It plugs into pen like a regular cartridge. Your pen has to have a cartridge-converter filling mechanism and be compatible with the converter.

Do fountain pens improve handwriting?

Yes. Using a pen, you can apply much less pressure – it encourages a more natural and convenient writing posture. They also provide a more comfortable grip. I noticed that my handwriting become significantly better after I switched to fountain pens.

Can fountain pens write upside down?

Yes. You will get a very thin line if you use the back of your fountain pen nib. I often do it when I am making sketches.

What types of fountain pen ink cartridges are there?

The most common type of fountain pen cartridge is international standard cartridge, which is used by European and Japanese manufacturers. Some of the bigger companies use cartridges of their own cartridges – such as Parker, Platinum, Cross, Platignum and Pilot.



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Final Word

Despite the fact that fountain pens have been around for more than a hundred years, they still remain the status of one the highest quality writing instruments in the world. They carry many benefits that ball and gel pens do not have. Fountain pens are reusable, durable and easier to write with. They help to improve handwriting and stay irreplaceable tool for people with arthritis. Finally, last, but not least – they simply look better than cheap ballpoint analogs and show that you have a good taste.

Buy a fountain pen from my TOP-3 to try it yourself! I listed the best products with affordable prices and I hope that you will be satisfied with them as much as I did.

So, TOP3 of fountain pens:

Good gift fountain pen with a case:

Case for fountain pen:

Fountain pens need ink:



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