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Best maid pickles of 2017 – Sour, hot or spicy? Let’s find!

Hello! My name is Bryan Campbell, and I am happy to see you on my web page! I work as an assistant chef in a small restaurant. During my 2-year experience, I learned how to choose the best products for our kitchen.

I want to share my knowledge! This time I want to help you find the best pickles of 2017.

Let’s talk about the most delicious and quality products that you can buy this year!

Feel free to explore the podium, click on the pictures to find out more.




№1 – SuckerPunch Spicy Pickles

Great balance between sourness and sweetness;
These pickles have good solid structure;
They are already cut to pieces;
I used them not only as ingredients for dishes, but also as snacks – yummy!

Why did this pickles win the first place?

Because these pickles are very tasty and they come cut to pieces (which is very convenient).


№2 – Texas Hill Country Hot Pickles

These pickles are very crunchy – they are really nice to eat;
Made in America;
Do not contain any chemicals;
If you are looking for spicy pickles – these are the best buy for you!

Why did this pickles come in second place?

Because they good, but a bit pricey considering they are not cut like other pickles from this rating list.


№3 – McClure’s Pickles Spear Pickles

These are the cheapest pickles in this rating list;
I like their seasoning – it is simple, yet tasty;
Cucumbers are crispy;
Come in a convenient jar with beautiful labels.

Why did this pickles take third place?

Because they are crunchy and spicy, but there might be too much vinegar for someone who does not like it.





Attention! Don’t buy any pickles until you read the FAQ!



What kind of pickles do restaurants serve?

Some restaurants pickle their own cucumbers, some purchase finished products. The type of pickles (sourness, sweetness, spice set and so on) depends on the type of food they are used with.

Do pickles count as a vegetable serving?

Sure they do. Pickles are great snack for vegies. They are just cucumbers with vinegar and salt, after all!

What is the difference between cornichons and pickles?

These products are almost identical. Pickled cucumbers are usually bigger, but there are no big difference in their taste.

Can pickles kill you?

Well, if somebody forced you to eat a ton of pickles, you would probably die. Of course, pickles are not super-healthy: salt and spicy seasonings can harm you, if you consume pickles in indecent amounts. Choose all-natural products without toxic preservatives (like Sodium Benzoate or Polysorbate 80) and you will be fine.

Can pickles kill dogs?

Not really. Again, if you are not making your dog to eat them every day, there will not be any negative consequences. However, neither they provide any benefits to pet’s health.

Can pickles cause food poisoning?

It is very unlikely, but not completely impossible. The deal is that well-made pickles are very acidic – such environment is bad for bacteria, they cannot grow in them. Remember, that pickles last ages – so they are a very rare cause for food poisoning.

What kind of pickles go in Bloody Marys?

Bartender in our restaurant uses these:

Niche Leader
It is a ready-to-use mix for Bloody Mary;
Contains great set of spices;
Has a pretty powerful pickle flavor;
Does not contain any chemicals.

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Who invented pickles?

It is impossible to say, because they have been around for thousands of years. Pickles even made appearances in Shakespeare’s works and in the Bible!

Is it true, that eating pickles and milk will make you sick?

Yes, this combination can upset your stomach. It is not a myth! This can be easily explained by the fact that pickles are pickled in vinegar, and vinegar curdles milk.

Which pickles are crunchy?

If you are looking for the crunchiest pickles possible – I have a good option for you.

  • Every pickle is packed in an individual hermetic pouch – it is very convenient for tourists and travelers;
  • Not much liquid affects each cucumber due to individual packs, so they stay more crunchy and solid;
  • They have a great spicy flavor;
  • The brine has a perfect taste.

Which brands of pickles are gluten free?

All products from this page are gluten free – you can choose any of them. Otherwise, carefully check the label of pickles you buy – manufacturers always inform about that kind of information.

How much carbs in pickles?

Depends on the type of pickles. 1 ounce of dill cucumber pickles contain about 1.2 grams of carbohydrates. The same amount of gherkins contain roughly 9 grams of carbs. 1 oz. of sour cucumber pickles contain about 0.65 g. of carbs.

Do pickles have potassium?

Yes. Actually, pickles are a great snack for people who experiencing heart problems. 100 grams of pickles contain about 23 milligrams potassium.

Do pickles need to stay in juice?

Yes. It is ok to store pickles without brine in a refrigerator for a day, but the longer you keep them the worse their quality gets. In a few days they will completely dry out and become gross, so I recommend you to use them as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of pickles and pickle juice?

First of all, pickles and their juice contain probiotics, which are very beneficial for human health. They increase the number of healthy bacteria in your digestive system. Moreover, vinegar from pickles prevents blood sugar spikes and pickle juice helps to relieve muscle cramps (many athletes consume it pre-competition).

What are the best kosher pickles?

My Jewish colleague praises this product:

Niche Leader
They come in individual packs;
These pickles are made from natural American cucumbers;
Pouches does not leak at all – you can safely put them in your backpack;
They are crispy and fresh.

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What are the benefits of pickles during pregnancy?

There are not that many benefits. Pickled cucumbers contain a lot of vitamin K and other essential micronutrients (such as potassium and vitamin A). However, it is advised to consume limited amounts of pickles, since overeating them may result in negative effects on health.

Can pickles lower blood sugar?

Yes, they can. According to recent studies, eating pickles can reduce the blood sugar levels by up to 50%. They slow down carbs you ate from breaking down in your stomach, so they do not convert to sugar as fast as they normally would.

Do I need to refrigerate pickles after opening?

Yes. Opened pickles will not last long, especially during the hot weather, so store them in refrigerator.

How long pickles last in refrigerator?

It depends on the brine composition, but usually opened pickles last in refrigerator for about a month. Shelf life of unopened jars is very long – well-pickled cucumbers last for years (and even decades).

How much sugar in pickles?

100 grams of pickles contain only 1.1 gram of sugar.

Do pickles help to cure hangovers?

Yes. Pickle juice helps to cure hangovers, since it contains large amounts of salubrious salty electrolytes. I am going to be honest with you: I drink a lot, and sometimes pickle juice can be a real remedy!

What is the difference between pickles and gherkins?

Cucumbers and gherkins are very similar. However, usually pickled cucumbers are larger, while gherkin is made with very small unripe fruits. In terms of taste, there is not much difference between them.

What are the best gherkins (cornichons)?

I enjoy this product:

Niche Leader
It is ideal for salads and soups;
Cornichons themselves are small and almost identical;
They have a good tangy flavor;
You can use the brine to make awesome dirty martini.

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How do pickles help you lose weight?

Though pickles are low in calories, they are not likely to help you lose weight. Moreover, since you are getting lots of sodium from pickled cucumbers, it even temporarily makes you weight more, because your body will try to retain water.

How do pickles help cramps?

This effect of pickles can be explained by the large amounts of electrolytes, contained in pickle juice. According to studies made by Kevin Miller from North Dakota State University, acidic pickle juice triggers a reflex when it hits a nerve center on the back of human throat. This reflex sends a signal to our nervous system to stop the overactive neurons causing the cramp.

What pickles are used in burgers?

Overwhelming majority of the restaurants (including huge chains like “McDonald’s” or “Burger King”) is using dill pickles in burgers.

What types of pickles are sweet?

If you prefer sweet pickles – there are many types that you should try, such as sweet gherkins, bread and butter pickles, candied pickles.

What pickles to use for fried pickles?

I recommend you to use bigger cucumbers. They will be much juicier than small pickles, and it is harder to burn them.

Can pickles cause kidney stones?

Yes. Pickles increase risk of calcium oxalate and phosphate stones by causing your kidneys to excrete more calcium in the urine (that is exactly why kidney stones appear). It applies to all pickled food, not only to cucumbers.

Do pickles cause gas?

Yes. Drinking too much pickled juice leads to excessive gas and other indigestions.



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Final Word

Pickled cucumbers are a great versatile product. They find application in thousands of recipes all around the world. There are snacks, salads and soups that use pickles – and, of course, they can be eaten alone. Many manufacturers produce them – and not all are respectable. Badly made pickles may cause stomach problems – so pick them wisely! I tried to describe all the subtleties of choosing good pickled cucumbers and answer most frequently asked questions about them. My TOP 3 of the best products of 2017 should help you to quickly order high-quality pickles. Bon appetite!

So, TOP3 of pickles:

Pickles for Bloody Marys:

Crunchy pickles:

Kosher pickles:

Best gherkins:



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